With the experienced achieved during the years Elmatec is able together with its partners to supply all the necessary steps to meet customers projects from the very beginning of the engineering.

Technology and control system

Construction of clean rooms with the best quality is the first step to achieve the best results in production. And the necessity of granting the total safety of the final product is made real with the control systems.


Products quality must be assured by a constant care and safety during all the steps form the production till the final user. Packaging is the key to grant the life, sterility and stability of all that is packed, which can be a filled syringe, a vials or ampoules, a blister with its carton until it is placed into a pallet ready for delivery. And yes, even your shampoo or shower gel can be filled and packed.

Processing machines

Processing for granulation and coating and the technology for the processing of pharmaceutical solutions in flexible plastic packages is taken in high consideration.

LAF protective spaces

Containment area with the use of laminar air flow modules, cabinets and isolators.

Installation/Start up

Resident technicians or engineers directly from the mother house can come and perform all the steps to put the machines and complete lines into operation.


Whenever an intervention is needed our technician can reach the site in 24 hours.

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We are able to supply complete turn key projects.