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Marchesini Group

The Marchesini Group has been at the forefront of the automatic machine sector for over 30 years now. First as a pioneer, then as a consolidated leader, internationally acclaimed as a model of innovation and advanced technology. Research is the Group’s lifeblood and it invests continually in the latest generation technology without ever overlooking the environment. Know-how and professional expertise also ensure that every service offered is complete and impeccable.

The production carry out a vital role in the creation of the machines for the

filling and packaging of solids, such as

  • blisters
  • sachets
  • counting

liquids, with its range of

  • washing machine
  • vial and ampoule filler
  • syringe filler and assembler

cosmetics, with

  • squeezable tube fillers
  • jar and mascara filler

up to the secondary packaging with a wide range of

  • labellers
  • cartoners
  • overwrappers
  • case packers and
  • palletizing systems

All equipped with an equally extensive variety of feed units, for all pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Marchesini confirms its strength for the present and future with the development in innovative, flexible solution in robotics:

  • robocombi
  • robovision
  • gigacombi

The group assembles precise customization of Complete lines in the main production headquarters. It is here that the individual machines produced by different facilities and partners come together for assembly and integration into complete lines

Logo Delta 2000 Logo Delta 2000

Delta 2000

Set up in Cavenago Brianza, close to Milan, Delta 2000, has its main activity in the planning production and installation of modular walls, doors, false ceilings and accessories for clean rooms and controlled contamination environments for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic and cosmetic sectors.

Logo Angelantoni Logo Angelantoni


The AS Biomedical Equipment Division manufactures equipment for the cold sector applied to research in biological laboratories, universities and hospitals.

The range of Angelantoni products includes:

  • Reach-in refrigerators;
  • low-temperature freezers (-20°C / -30°C / -40°C)
  • ultra freezers (-50°C /-90°C / -152°C)
  • cold and thermostatic chambers
  • standard blood banks refrigerators
  • special blood banks refrigerators
  • plasma shock freezers
  • automatic ice-making machines
  • cooled incubators
  • plant growth chambers
  • climatic chambers for stability test
  • turn-key supplies for autopsy chambers and morgues
Logo Steril Logo Steril


Steril over the years developed its production for Hospital, University and Industry based on the Laminar Air Flow.

Steril supply cabinets for microbiological laboratory, for cytotoxic preparation laboratory, horizzontal and vertical laminar flow.

Steril supply cabinets for biology laboratory, laminar flow for electronic laboratory, safety cabinet for product and/or operator protection.

Steril supply equipment for pharmaceuticals, electronic and food industry, isolators, Rabs, laminar flow for medium activity powder dispensing, laminar flow for product line protection.

Logo Plümat Logo Plümat


PLÜMAT machines are the specialists in the primary packing of pharmaceutical solutions. PLÜMAT was the first company to integrate the production process making-filling-sealing in the manufacture of infusion bags - the so-called FORM FILL SEAL technology.
Complete machines and systems are produced in accordance with cGMP guidelines and FDA requirements.

Logo Bohle Logo Bohle

L.B. Bohle

Bohle strategic orientation is centered in the expansion of technological leadership in process engineering for granulation and coating.
This technological leadership ensures growth and profitability, safeguards jobs and forms the basis for long-term market presence.

Based on a comprehensive project analysis, customer expectations are incorporated into the production process Bohle process technology covers a good range of production:

  • Weighing
  • Granulating
  • Milling
  • Blending
  • Coating
  • Containment
  • Handling
  • Laboratory Equipment
Logo SEA Vision Logo SEA Vision

SEA Vision

SEA Vision is a leader of vision systems for inspection on packaging lines.

The range of products includes:

  • blister pack
  • on-line printed characters
  • barcodes and 2D codes
  • crimp quality on vials
  • 3D-measures
  • gauging
  • objects recognition
  • print quality verification
  • progressive codes management
  • custom defined measures